Medical Universities in Russia

As per the data revealed by WHO, the medical universities in Russia hold a significant position in the top 100 medical universities in the world. It is due to the fact that the country holds one of the highest positions in terms of literacy rate among many developing countries which encourage international students to look for the medical universities in Russia to continue their studies from there.

Aspirants from all over the world look for studying opportunities in Russia so that they can have a flourishing career ahead. Indian students interested in the MBBS Studies seek admission in the varied Russian universities approved by MCI for the high quality education at an affordable tuition fee and living cost.
The medical universities in Russia provide many favourable reasons for the higher studies in the country to the international students.

Why Study Medicine in Russia?

Below are some of the major highlights why an international medical student should opt for medical universities in Russia while continuing their studies:

  • Most of the medical universities in Russia adhere to a simple admission procedure where the aspirants don’t have to give any kind of entrance test. This allows for an easier admissions procedure and hassle free application process.
  • Low course fee is another inspirational reason among the students to opt for medical study in the country. The tuition fees in Russia are subsidised and living expenses are quite affordable as compared to other west countries. Moreover, the hostels and other accommodation facilities for medical students in Russia are well maintained and highly secured.
  • The medical universities have got recognitions from WHO and MCI and the medical degrees are globally acknowledged. The students who get a medical college degree in Russia are eligible to work in any part of the world post completing their specific national medical exam of that country.
  • The courses are offered in English so language will not be a barrier for international students.
  • Students don’t need to give TOEFL or IELTS exam to study medicine in Russia. Though sound understanding of English as a language is needed to get admission in medical schools in Russia. Even the books and other reading material are issued in several languages so that the international students can learn their subject easily.
  • Various kinds of internship opportunities are offered to the students allowing them to have a good clinical practice experience by working in multispecialty government hospitals in Russia. It is known to have some of the top-rated medical universities of the world that offers MBBS and other courses.
  • The curriculum of Russian medical universities is updated each year as per the international standards so that the students can follow best learning practices.
  • The students studying medicine in Russia are motivated to participate in various different kinds of seminars and conferences that are arranged in other universities. This way international student can have good experience and knowledge in their field.

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