MBBS in Georgia is well known already and there are thousands of people that are applying every year for best Medical Colleges in Georgia. There are many Colleges in Georgia so which one to choose right? We will tell you some of the best Universities for MBBS in Georgia.

Best colleges to study MBBS in Georgia

Georgia American University

The Georgia American University is in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and it’s one of the best Universities for MBBS in Georgia. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has recognized it’s higher education and great facilities making it one of the best universities. The Georgia American University was started in 2001 and since that time has greatly gained popularity and since that time the University is being following the Bologna Process Principles. Total fees required to study at Georgia American University for the whole course will be 40k USD that includes your tuition fees, University Fees and your hostel+food too.

University Of Georgia

This particular University is good for studying MBBS in Georgia and it’s ranked 9th in the whole of Georgia and is recognized by the Medical Council of India and also by the Iran Ministry of Education. The University is also located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It was started and founded in 2004. The university provides a great global education standard and great facilities making it a really good college for studying MBBS in Georgia. They offer regular training programs that will help you improve your skills so you can have a better career. The University does offer employment to every student with leading companies that come and give lectures and conferences.

East European University

One of the best universities in the whole country to study MBBS in Georgia. The East European University was founded in 2012 in the capital of Georgia. The University isn’t that old and still gained quite a popularity and is being recognized by the world. It’s a private college that offers you the best education and great medical facilities as well as living facilities. The University also has top leading companies coming every year to offer jobs today students and also to give conferences. The university is affordable as well for the whole course of MBBS your total fees including everything is 35k USD.

Tbilisi Medical Academy

The last one in our list The Tbilisi Medical Academy is really the best university for studying MBBS in Georgia. Not just MBBS actually any other medical course as well whether it’s your psychology or some other course. This university is well recognized by WHO, UNESCO, MCI, AMEE, EMSA, and FAIMER. It’s also one of the oldest ones in Georgia. It was founded in 1992 by a well-known physician and surgeon. It can cost you a little over budget when it comes to cost but believe me when you get in it will be worth every penny. The total cost for the whole course will be 45k USD including everything.

There is much reason to study MBBS in Georgia like

  • Affordable fees
  • No need to give any admission test
  • Well known all over the world
  • Recognized by WHO and UNESCO
  • Many practical session soon student can get hold of the skills
  • 1-year internship program and chance to work for many international Hospitals
  • Modern technologies and great education
  • Really great accommodation facility for students

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