If you are thinking about going to Ukraine and trying to send your children to study MBBS in Ukraine. Then this article is for you. We will talk about the basic stuff you want to know before trying to apply for MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine

When we talk about MBBS in Ukraine, it is one of the best places in the European continent. Ukraine is best known for its amazing medical courses and super friendly environment. It is well known all over the world and recognized by many organizations like WHO, MCI, UNESCO, ETC. It’s for the people who want a top-class education at affordable prices, studying MBBS in Ukraine is not that expensive and you don’t even have to take any test before applying to the University. There are great facilities and teachers in the universities of Ukraine. It’s one of the best universities to make your career in MBBS, as the internship programs involve leading medical companies recruiting students every year. So sending them won’t be a bad decision at all.

Reason to study MBBS in Ukraine

  • Affordable price and low tuition fees that will take care of your financial situation.
  • Friendly environment, one of the safest ones for letting your students go there.
  • Quality education, best teachers that have done a Ph.D. in their field.
  • Don’t have to pay any kind of donation or admission fees, just pay yearly fees, tuition fees, hostel fees if you attend and that’s it.
  • Millions of students apply every year for universities in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine universities even help you with your scholarship and loan, so you can send your children without having any trouble.
  • Hostel and accommodation are very cheap and affordable for anyone.
  • They have one of the best facilities and laboratories for their students.
  • Recognized by WHO, MCI, UNESCO.
  • Daily practical training and session, so your children or your skills can improve.

Fees to study MBBS in Ukraine

Well, when we talk about fees to study MBBS in Ukraine, it depends on the course you want to pursue. While in the medical field in Ukraine total fees are your whole 6 year fees including tuition and your accommodation can go anywhere from 25k to 35k USD for the best university. So it’s not really that much if you look at the rate of other countries, also the Ukraine universities will help students with their scholarship programs.

Requirements for studying MBBS in Ukraine

  • The student age must be 17 years at least.
  • He/she should have a 12th certificate with PCB and have at least 50% of the score in PCB subjects.
  • For Indian students, they should have a NEET certificate.
  • If they cannot clear NEET, Indian students have to take MCI eligibility courses.


So, as we read above in the article that MBBS in Ukraine, not just even provides you a better education. It also makes sure that you will get scholarships and even help you with your education loan. The fees are affordable and the environment is friendly and safe, making Ukraine one of the best places to study the MBBS course.

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