Let us find out the answer to some of the important questions before we proceed towards the answers related to our topic.

Which is the top nation to pursue MBBS Study?

The answer to this extremely important and common question arising in the mind of Indian students is the European nation Romania. With the top quality educational universities, it has become the preferred choice for thousands of the students from India looking to go for MBBS Study abroad.

Is the European country Romania safe for MBBS Program?

Not only students from the varied corner of India travel all the way to Romania for study medicine in Romani but also from the different part of the world, students travel to fulfil their dream of becoming a successful doctor. According to the Global World Index, Romania ranks 25th in the list of the safest nation across the globe. The country Russia is on 151st, UK on 41st, France on 51st, and USA has achieved 114th rank in the list of safest nations in the world.

Which country for MBBS Course is the best at low cost?

The answer to this question is also none other than Romania. Let us below explore more and learn the reason students from India have in mind before choosing MBBS in Romania per year. With so many new career options coming up, there is no doubt that the education system across the globe has improved quite a lot. But MBBS is one such career option which students prefer to choose either for better financial stability or their career interest.

If you are looking forward to getting the right degree from a well-known university but not really sure from where to choose then certainly Romania is the answer for the same. It is well said that medicine in Romania is one of the lasting tradition that has been into existence back to 1700. And in today’s time no doubt that it is well advanced and the doctors are being appreciated across the globe.

Why Romania for MBBS Study?

As a student, you are likely to get this question in your mind for many reasons. The primary reason for choosing MBBS in Romania is, of course, the education facility which you can avail in this place. Known for many reputable medical universities, Romania offers quality studies. Besides, you also get the option to further pursue education from different types of languages be it English, French, Romanian, and even Germany. Not only this, but you also don’t have to spend much on the tuition fees since it is quite reasonable just like the living price. Romania takes the education system quite seriously and needless to say, the efforts which have been integrated so far on infrastructure and education has been pretty much good.

Research Clearly Gives the Answer

As per the research made, it has been stated that the number of international students who study MBBS in Romania has doubled from the year 2005 to 2010. There is no specific trend that is being followed. But it has been noted that many European countries are now getting attracted towards the increasing number of international students who look forward to studying medicine. Besides the admission process for an international student is hassle-free.

Whether it is the MBBS Admission for Indian Students or for any other foreign student, medical universities have aligned the admission process in a lot better way.

Reasons You Cannot Deny

The primary reason why getting a medical qualification in Romania is advised is because it is recognized throughout the Europe? Other than this, the growing ease to find the employment along with the residence all across Europe also grabs the Eastern European medical schooling attention which teaches different courses in English. Not only this, MBBS Study in Romania seems to have a fierce competition to find a place in a medical school in different countries of the western region.

Some of the well-known medical schools such as Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila of Bucharest, University Vasile Goldis, and Medicine and Pharmacy Targu Mure to name a few have gained quite a lot interest of many people over the past few years. There are ample options and great educational system integrated in Romania so if you are thinking to actually pursue your education here then you are on the right track.

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