Of course there are several reasons that attract students from the different corners of the country India to pursue MBBS in Europe from the prestigious medical universities recognised by MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World health Organisation). Let usher know more about them and pave our path to a great career in the field of medicine.

Reasons of Studying MBBS in Europe

MBBS in India is one of the most popular professions and has and a dream for a number of students. The Indian society has always recommended students to enter the noble profession of healthcare and serve the needy of the country. It is dream for a number of Indian parents to either see their child as an engineer or a doctor. Medicine is India is regulated with number of norms like reservation and less number of government seats. However the toll on the number of private medical colleges has increased, for government the count is still low and not everyone can afford the high cost and expenditure of the pricy medical colleges.

Your dream of studying MBBS can be easily realized in Europe

For Indian students who dream of becoming a doctor one day and they are too scared of the competition and the tough selection procedure in the Indian MBBS colleges, studying MBBS abroad can help them settle their dreams to reality and that too at a reasonable price. For people who are scared of sending their wards to abroad, clear your doubts because getting an admission abroad is as easy and comfortable as in India. For people who are exploring their options of studying abroad, MBBS in Europe is a great opportunity of studying with a global crowd and making their career into healthcare.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Europe

  • There is no donation fee or capitation fee required to get an admission into a college. Unlike the Indian private medical colleges that charge you donation apart from their yearly fee for getting an admission into their college, MBBS admission in Europe is not regulated by any such propaganda. Also the tuition fee is very low in comparison to the private medical colleges in India and can be easily afforded by one.
  • The cost of living is low and affordable. Most parents worry about the cost of living in foreign lands and expenses has to be managed. However, Europe doesn’t have a high cost of living and you can easily suffice yourself in countries like Ukraine.
  • The universities in Europe offer you world class infrastructure. For medical colleges in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, the study environment is nurturing and the hospitals are equipped with modern equipments. All the European universities have a high standard and are even globally recognized by WHO (World health Organisation), UNESCO, European Council, etc.
  • You get to experience the international culture and ethnicity. While your program of study MBBS in Europe will help you gain the educational and practical knowledge for the stream, living in a foreign country and meeting all the fellow students from other countries of widely dispersed backgrounds and ethnicity is also an experience that you will cherish.

Students enrich in the international exposure they live through that even helps them in settling out in their lives. With countries in Europe that have a huge population, you can expect a great patient inflow and so a job security as well. If you have been thinking of studying medicine in a foreign country, then Europe is a great option owing to the immense benefits it has. Realizing the dream of becoming a doctor in a foreign country makes you have the experience and the wide exposure that you will surely not get in India.

With the rising cost of education and the increasing reservation of seats, many students in the coming years will consider options in foreign countries, and Europe being a socially active continent is one of the best options to study MBBS in Europe at a pocket-friendly expense.

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