MBBS is known as the dream for most of the students from their childhood, and even their parents and teachers wish that their children achieve great success in life. Indian society sees their children career in either engineering or medical field which is the dream of most of the Indian parents. But there are less available seats in MBBS degree. There are maximum 50,000 seats of MBBS degree available overall in India where around 10 lakhs students get to appear in India from various parts as well as clear entrance tests every year.

And this clearly states that only 5% of students get enrolled to become a doctor or achieve MBBS goals or dreams. And thus, MBBS in Georgia comes into the picture, where Indian students get many benefits as well as the latest technology studies efficiently. MBBS in Georgia is also the dream of students who wish to have a great experience.

Some students cannot afford fees in the private institutes which ranges from 15 to 20 lakhs with 4 to 5 lakh per year. for a middle-class family, if the student gets the seat from entrance seats, MBBS still remains in the fee structure of private institutes. And thus, approaching MBBS in Georgia fulfills their dreams with reasonable and affordable tuition fees structure. Students, as well as parents, have many doubts for abroad studies and admission processes. But, nowadays, studying in Georgia has become very easy and comfortable.

There are many advantages for studying MBBS in Georgia, and few are listed below

1. No donation fees
Yes, you read it right, there are no donation or capitation fees charged here except the yearly fees, unlike Indian private institutes infrastructure and fees. Even the tuition fees are lower than the private colleges in India which ranges from 2.5 to 4 lakhs per year.

2. No entrance test
It is also the main advantage for admission in Georgia as there is no conduction of entrance test needed for securing your seat of MBBS degree. Enrollment totally depends on your overall performance in 12th class and it includes the first-come-first-serve algorithm for those students who secured more than 75% in schools.

3. Low cost of stay
This is the most important criteria to see where most of the parents back out for enrolling at Georgia university. They need to know about abroad countries living cost as it is cheaper for students to accommodate there for studies which are around $100 per month. It is the same the china where the cost of living is 7000 INR to 14000 INR every month. Also, this is based on the lifestyle of particular students.

4. Infrastructure
The infrastructure of colleges or universities in Georgia has a standard class of structure with latest and modern tools in hospitals. For example, studies of MBBS in Georgia is considered as beneficial as it is authorized by WHO, UNESCO etc.

5. Exposure
Those students who wish to study abroad in Georgia meet with many different students having different backgrounds, religions and they get international exposure with the help to settle down there.

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