Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy is known as Poltava Ukrainian Medical And Dental Academy (or UMSA). It is recognized as the best English Medical Studies, ranked no. #1 European Standard Medical Educational University In UKRAINE. Poltava Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy provides best Medical Education in English – one of the old higher education institutions for the training of doctors, including dentists. The Institute started its services in 1921 with the odontological help of faculty of Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967, the university moved to the city of Poltava.

The Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy provides following courses

Dentistry (training period of 5 years)

  • General Medicine (training period 6 years)
  • Nursing the period of study 2, on the basis of secondary education
  • Paediatrics (training period 6 years)
  • Farmatsiya
  • Prosthetic dentistry the period of study 2, on the basis of secondary education

Both the morning (regular) and part-time training in the afternoon (evening classes) are provided by the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.

From the beginning of March, Ukrainian Medical Dental Academystarts taking applications from.

HOW to get invitation letter

An invitation letter from Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy you need to provide the following demanded documents:

  • Copy of School leaving certificate
  • Copy of International passport
  • Charges of invitation which is 400 US$
  • Courier Charges which is 100 US$

Students can send the documents to the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy by email or by fax. Money transfer of all the necessary fees can be done by bank transfer or by western Union.

After receiving all the documents and payment. University will send you the admission letter, invitation letter, and visa support document by courier.


After getting an invitation letter from Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy students has to contact the Ukraine Embassy or Government. With the help of following documents he/she should apply to Ukraine embassy:

  • First Invitation letter
  • Valid passport (validity of one year)
  • Secondary School certificate (translated into the Ukrainian or Russian language)
  • DOB (Date of Birth Certificate) (translated into the Ukrainian or Russian language)
  • Medical Test Reports showing absence of Aids/HIV (also translated into the Ukrainian language)
  • 8 Passport size Photos

Qualification Required

Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (Poltava State National Dental University) will be pleased to consider all applications on an individualized basis. Scholars with needed qualifications or relevant work experience may be admitted for entry past the first year of some courses. The student must have completed their secondary schooling with science subjects (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) to get admitted in Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. The following qualifications are normally applied:

  • The senior school certificate
  • West African GCE a-level certificate (for African students)
  • GCSE standard certificate
  • GCE a-level standard certificate
  • 10+2 in the higher secondary school certificates

The documents mentioned above are meant only for guidance persistence and does not compose any form of guarantee. All applications will be evaluated on an individualized basis. A good command of English language will be needed by students to finish a course successfully.Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy can help you to fulfil your dreams of becoming a doctor.