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Study in Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia


We all need education as education is the thing which makes us all human. Without education we are no less than the animals. It is very important to educate ourselves as it gives us the ability to lead a good life. But the most difficult decision one has to take in life is to decide that from where they should pursue their higher education. These days the competition is so tough that getting into good colleges and universities is not an easy task.

Many a students these days prefer to study in different countries like Georgia. Georgia serves you with quality education with its Georgia University Teaching University Geomedi. If you have keen interest in biology and want to become a doctor, then Georgia University holds great opportunities for you.

Why you should pursue MBBS from Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?

Georgia is a European country that offers best medical education in the world.

The country has unique cultures with ancient history that helps you study in an efficient way.

It has accreditation from the Georgian National Educational Accreditation Centre which is nowadays known as the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement in Georgia.

The knowledge imparted in the university is based on both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

It provides you with vast career opportunities; you can even work at the clinic present in the university.

What are the faculties offered at Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?

It offers Dentistry course and the degree offered in the course is Doctor of Dental Medicine.

It also offers Medicine degree that is MD degree.

Another degree offered at the university is Health Care Economics and management and the degree offered for the course is Bachelor of Health Care Management.

It also provides the course of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the degree offered for this is Bachelor of Health Care in physical Medicine and Rehabilitating Degree.

All the foreign students also have to learn a preparatory program that is Georgian Language Preparatory Educational Program. It is there to teach all the foreign students the basic Georgian language so that they may not face difficulty while their stay in Georgia.

And, they are also certified for this preparatory program.

What is the fees structure at Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?

Bachelor of Medicine course fees is $3500 (USD) per year. The duration of this course is 6 years. The university charges no tuition fees in the last year that is sixth year. The living cost per month is estimated to be US$250 per month. The extra charges which are paid in first year are 1750 USD, these constitute of Ministry and accreditation charges.

What are the documents you need to study at Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?

Class 12th mark sheet.

Scanned copy of passport.

Admission letter from the university.

Accommodation letter for the hostel facility.

Fees deposit slip issued from the university after submitting university fees.

A clearance letter from the Ministry.

Birth Certificate.

Bank Statement.

Insurance papers.

Recent photographs.

Clearance papers of medical fitness.

Air tickets.

So, now study in best of the universities in Georgia and shape your future in the right direction.