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MBBS in India is a very tough profession and requires a lot of efforts and hard work. It requires an aspirant to study dedicatedly in order to clear the exam with flying colors. Becoming a doctor is not an easy task. You have to give up everything and only study for the exam. That is why it is very tough to clear the entrance exam of and get a college of your choice. Not only this; but medicine in India is coupled with a lot of competition and the fact that it is mainly governed by the reservation system of the country.

Every medical aspirant in the county has to appear for the NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance test in order to clear the medical exam and get an admission in the college of their choice. This is added with the fact that you need to score top ranks in order to get an admission in the top medical colleges of the country. Talking about the private institutions, the fee structure for them is very high and so cannot be afforded by all the medical aspirants.

Studying MBBS in Europe is a great option for Indian medical aspirant

Europe is a very beautiful continent and has a number of countries packed with the top medical colleges in the world. You can easily explore the rich arcade of medical education in the country and get an admission in the world’s best ranked medical colleges. Europe is frequented by a number of Indian medical aspirants owing to the fact that it has great number of medical colleges and the quality of education is also world class. There are various advantages of studying MBBS in Europe. This includes:
• Top class medical colleges in the country that can offer you with the top medical coaching as well. Europe has a number of countries that have their medical institutions listed with the internationally ranked bodies likes WHO and UNESCO.
• The living culture in the country is very warm and welcoming and you can easily adapt to their lifestyle and explore the country as well.
• The fee structure is highly affordable and so doesn’t cause a lot o financial strain at all. Also the living expenses in the different countries are not too high and can be handled easily.
• Every university in Europe indulges in a six year of learning course followed by an internship for a year into the hospital affiliated with their resources. Also, getting a job is easily in any country of Europe and you can easily sustain on the visa.

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Study Sevenseas is a Delhi based consulting that helps the students in getting their dream of becoming a doctor fulfilled. They help you right from the start of the application till you have entered the college. The rich professional experience they have makes it easy for them to provide the top level of MBBS study in Europe.

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