Studying in Canada is a commendable perception. It is obviously a wonderful destination in the world. It attracts bounteous visitors and students every year. Studying in Canada is cost-effective as compared to United States of America and United Kingdom. Canada stands at the top in the list of countries in the Organization for economic cooperation and development for spending per capita educational expenses. Universities in Canada are very well recognized for its quality of education and high academic benchmark. Along with the government of Canada, the private sector also supports analysis in a number of fields such as medicine, agriculture, telecommunications, environmental science and computer technology.

Education System of Canada:

The Canadian government has made large investments in establishing roots of Canada’s education system. Due to such considerations, Canada is one of the top performers in the world for the education system. The teachers and professors are highly qualified as per the teaching norms of the country. They are capable of delivering the world’s finest knowledge to their students.

The education is broken into following parts:

  • Certificate: It is given after completion of one-year studies.
  • Diploma: A student can attain a diploma after studying for one or two years.
  • Advanced Diploma: This diploma is issued generally in two to three years of the program.
  • Graduation: A student is graduated after completing at least four years of full-time studies.
  • Post Graduation: It is done after graduation and is comprised of one or two years of study.
  • Master’s Degree: It can be done after attaining a graduate degree to get specialised in a particular subject. It is of one to two years.
  • Doctorate or PhD: This degree is generally of four to seven years.

Except these degrees Canadian Institutes always give their students a chance of increasing their knowledge in educational and cultural perspectives.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is the best place to persist more advanced education. It offers bountiful programmes with ample learning experience in combination with theoretical learning. Institutes in Canada also offer customized programs but the courses may differ from institute to institute. The ultimate goal of Canadian education system is to provide quality education to each student along with better service and phenomenal approach.

Another significance of studying in Canada is some international students who earn their degree from Canada can also apply for Canadian permanent residency without coming back to their home country.

According to facts, more than ninety percent students who are graduated from Canada universities are likely to get employed in their fields of study within few months of their graduation. It is majorly said that studying in Canada is absolutely a successful start to your future. Below are various reasons why a student chooses Canada for studying:

  • Education Quality: Canada proposes a leading aspect of education. The universities in Canada are known for consistency and internationally acceptable degrees. Few of them are ranked in the top 100 of world’s leading universities.
  • Affordable Tuition Fees: The cost of studying in Canada is much lower than the cost of studying in other countries such as USA or UK. A student can complete the studies in one of Canada’s top universities by just paying half tuition fee than studying in the US.
  • Work while studying: Students can also work while accomplishing their studies in Canada. In this way, they can also be a part of the qualitative internship program and take advantage of much cooperative education.
  • Assistance in studies: Students can take the advantage of getting assistance by such resources like attending seminars and orientations, students club etc.
  • Multicultural Society: Canada is a country of multiple cultures and most used languages are English and French. People of any culture can easily find their specific recreational activities and their ethnic food. It is not very difficult for a foreigner to reside in such vibrant country.
  • Campus Lifestyle: Canada’s institute campuses are well equipped with the latest technology. They provide all the facilities related to sports, medical, leisure to fulfil the needs of the students. Students can enjoy Olympic sports like facilities and modern conveniences.
  • Research Opportunities: There are ample research opportunities for students. Canada’s government and private sector support research programmes which include telecommunication, computer technology, agriculture, medicine and environmental science.

Cost of Studying in Canada:

Studying in Canada is economical and is most preferred by international students. The universities describe their own fee as per the student’s citizenship, the course selection whether it is a graduate or post-graduate course etc. Generally, the tuition fee differs for the different course but on an average, a student needs to pay a minimum of CAD 12,000 to a maximum of CAD 40,000.

Besides tuition fee, there are many other expenses such as administration charges of the institution for an international student that are around CAD 100, international student application fees of CAD 250, fees of student services which is compulsory and to be paid around CAD 500 to CAD 1000. An international student also has to pay a processing fee of CAD 150 and a biometric fee of CAD 85.

If a student wants to live out of the campus then the accommodation charges for living in a room is around CAD 600 per month and to accommodate in an apartment a student have to pay CAD 1800 per month.

Health and Safety:

Health and Safety are very important and are primarily considered in Canada. It offers a safe environment for the people living in the country. It is a country of high rated universities, strict and translucent government laws, modern and qualitative transportation facilities etc. Canadian strong government has maintained the laws in the multicultural environment which is absolutely remarkable.

Public Safety Canada

It is a government body created in 2003 to keep Canadians safe against natural disasters, crime and terrorism. The Public Safety Canada Department operates in conjunction with all the federal departments and agencies responsible for public safety. These departments are responsible to make sure that the government should pay prime importance to safety. The department is always ready to confront all kinds of threats of national security in the country. All universities in Canada are pledged to provide a secure learning environment to the students.

Education in Canada is very good as compared to most of the developed countries. Studying here is definitely a good move for your career. Before you come to the conclusion you need to do some research and groundwork to go through all the aspects of the education.