A scientific and standard method used to measure mental capabilities and behavioural style of an individual is termed as Psychometric Tests. It is conducted in the different sectors. The category of the questions can change from one industry to another. The level of Psychometric Tests may also vary on the basis of the target users. Psychometric Tests is certainly a very important tool to help candidates measure their personal ability and take the right decision at the right time.

Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests

Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests is designed and developed under the observation of the experts to measure the mental abilities and decision making power of the young students competing with one another to excel in life. Thousands of the students in the education sector has been taking the limitless advantage of our specially designed ‘Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests’ and has been shaping their career in the right direction. Our teams of experts have designed one of the best Psychometric Tests for the students appearing in Standard X shortly. The demand of Psychometric Tests has increased remarkably and has become common amidst the students in the education field.
Our highly competitive Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests have proved very useful not only for the bright students but also for the below average students. We at Study Sevenseas have already organized Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests in many prestigious schools in the Northern India. We have received overwhelming response in the schools located in the different cities and an offer to organize it in their school every year. We at Study Sevenseas believe that every child has the hidden potential in him/her. The need is to explore the potential and the hidden ability or talent in him or her and help in choosing the right stream after passing the examination of Class 10th.
We have helped many students in the various schools take the right decision and choose the perfect Stream after passing their Standard X Examination. We are very proud of our achievement and have received lots of compliments from parents, teachers, and the management of the various educational organizations.

Why Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests?

We are in the constant process of improvement and our pool of highly qualified and experienced experts keep themselves engaged in coming out with the innovative ideas and improvements in the Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests as and when required. The core objective behind the improvement is to ensure the availability of the competitive Psychometric Tests based on the latest technology and trends in the demanding field of education.
Study Sevenseas – the most trusted Overseas Education Consultant based in Delhi makes the hassle-free availability of its most demanding Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests for the schools interested in organizing the Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests for their 10th Class students.

We at Study Sevenseas not only work for the benefit of students and parents but also keep in mind the interest of the respective schools welcoming us to organize the extremely beneficial Psychometric Tests. We provide several advantages to schools and students in the varied ways.

Key Features of Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests

  • Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests is based on the school curriculum
  • Includes questions divided in the different categories
  • Designed & developed by pool of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Paper based Psychometric Tests to help appearing students develop problem solving skills with speed
  • Team of professional and supportive members
  • Complete transparency and prompt services

How Long Does a Psychometric Test Last?

Every Psychometric Test has the time limit. In the same way, Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests also has the time limit decided on the basis of the level of the test, style, structure, number of question in each category, and the skills being measured. The set time limit is announced well in advance. On an average, each Psychometric Test last for about 25 minutes.

What is the Set Pass Mark for Psychometric Tests?

The total marks and the pass marks is already set for the Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests but it can be also decided by the mutual understanding developed between the management at Study Sevenseas and the management of the respective schools. The percentage of marks for Verbal Reasoning / Verbal Comprehension, Numerical Reasoning, Inductive / Abstract Reasoning, and others are decided evenly. The complete Psychometric Tests are made interesting for the appearing students.

More on Psychometric Tests

It has been observed that a good number of the students make a wrong decision and choose the wrong stream in haste after 10th. At many times, choose a stream because to company his/her good friend and classmate. As a result of it, students in most of the case feel disappointed and repent for life. Even some students take decisions that risk his/her life and give a lifetime loss to parents. And hence, it is very important and obligatory to allow a student decide the stream on the basis of personal ability, willingness, and above all the interest in it.

Types of Psychometric Tests

There are diverse types of the psychometric tests. The type of the test change according to the skill set of the target audience appearing for it. A few of the psychometric tests focus on measuring a particular set of skills required in a specific profile, aptitude or course, while the other psychometric tests focus on a general objective.
Below you can have a look on the widely used general psychometric tests conducted for the candidates, students, corporate employees, individuals appearing for the different entrance exams and others:

  • Verbal Reasoning / Verbal Comprehension
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Inductive / Abstract Reasoning

The core aim of conducting any type of the Psychometric Test is to measure an individual’s personal capability of thinking, reasoning, decision making, comprehending, problem solving skills, and the level of intelligence. On the basis of the results obtained in a specific Psychometric Test, the best decision can be made by a student who attempts the organized test.

We at Study Sevenseas completely focus on the school students. Our Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests is prepared purely focusing the thousands of the students who would be appearing for the Class X Final Exam in the near future.

Visit us or contact us for more information and to organize Study Sevenseas Psychometric Tests in your reputed schools and other educational organizations in India.