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Study Sevenseas is an education portal for all those students who want to study abroad, but do not have access to the required information. We often dream of big things but do not know how we are going to achieve them. An idea is of no use until and unless you know how to execute it. So, 

if you have a dream of studying abroad, then we are here to help you. We work as a data bank for millions of students in India, as we provide them the guidance to get the right education for shaping their career in a right direction.


We provide MBBS Admissions in India and Overseas

The toughest field to get into is medical field. Getting medical education is not an easy task; you need to be extraordinary to get into the good medical colleges. Not all the students are that intelligent, but this does not mean that they have to give up on their dream of becoming a doctor. 

We are the company that makes the pathway to study medicine at good and reputed educational institutions and medical universities easier. We make the complete process of admission and enrollment hassle free for all the students in India.

We help you in executing your plan, know how?

Study Sevenseas provide you with best of the services. We basically offer you a good platform where you can study and make your career. And, when we talk about medicine, then we all know that it is the toughest branch to get into. Studying MBBS is not an easy task. And, getting into a good and reputed medical college is dreamt by many but achieved by just handsome amount of people. But, you do not have to get disheartened, as we are here to help you, so that you can fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor and serving the nation. We all know that the medical entrance examination in India is toughest of all. For few seats end number of students competes, making it more difficult to get a seat. But we help you in discovering a place that suits you and where you can study at your best. We at Seven Seas help you in achieving your dreams by making you aware about the opportunities you have. You can choose the one which suits you and make a great career out of it.

Why you should choose Study Sevenseas over other Education Portals?

The reason we recommend you to choose us over others is that we give you the assurance to provide you with best of the resources.

We have an expert team of professionals who have years of experience in education field. To know how our team helps you, read the following points:

  • They listen to your ambitions and goals.
  • Take a knowledge test, so that they can get an idea where your interest lies.
  • They provide you with a proper counseling session.
  • In the counseling session, they help you discover your life goal.
  • And, then help you find out a college that suits you.

The experienced team at Study Sevenseas is always on their toes to give you proper assistance, support and counseling. We help you in each and every step from finding out a proper college for you to getting you enrolled and to applying for a visa. You do not need to worry about anything about the admission process, unless and until you have us. Your child’s future is secure in our hands. We are driven to provide all the capable students a platform that can change their lives forever.

We help you choose the Right Pathway to Study.

We know how difficult it is to choose a career. While we are in school, the thing which bothers us the most is that what we will do when we will grow up. Most of us do not know what we are going to become in future and that’s completely okay because that is how life is, we never know where we are going to end up. We are running just to help all those students who want to do something amazing in their life, but do not know how to. We all suffer from lack of information, but that lack of information can be removed by concerning us. As, we help you choose a platform where you can continue your higher education. Every child dreams of becoming a doctor, astronaut, engineer and lot more. But not all of us are able to get the right guidance and support from our family and friends. That is one for the reason we do not become what we wanted to become as a child. You do not have to give up your dreams just because you were unable to clear the medical entrance exam. My friend you can still become a doctor and study MBBS, if you have that passion in your heart. You just need to consult our counselors and they will help you choose a right course and place for you. Although, it is not at all easy to get admission into medical universities of the world, but we assure you to make this process, as trouble free as we can.

You can study MBBS in a Country of your choice?

If it is your dream to study abroad, then we are here and happy to help you with it. Most of us want to study overseas, so that we can explore new places, learn about new cultures and study in a completely new environment. Change is the only constant in life and it is the thing for which we all aspire for. And, such a change in environment can be highly beneficial for you, as it might get you more career driven. Study Sevenseas is working 24/7 to provide the guidance to all the students across India. We have a personalized team of staff who are working day and night to listen to the queries and doubts of the students and help them find a university or college where they can make a great career.