Walking through the lush green campus and the young meadows with the clear skies, I was so happy that I made the right decision for myself. I always wanted to be a doctor and that dream just grew with every New Year Finally when I completed my 12th studies, the time came when I had to choose the best university for me to make my future in the same field. I was very much confused amongst the different medical universities in Germany because I just did not want to study but also to explore the culture of the country.

I finally choose the Berlin School of Medicine in Germany to be my guide through my dream of life. I was very nervous when I first stepped into the campus and I just knew that was going to make the most of my time over there.
Their medical school is one of the most reputed ones in the country and is known for their ongoing researches and innovations. I started my MBBS in Germany classes with the school and the person that I am right now is all because of the amazing curriculum and teachers at the university I chose with the complete support and counseling by Study Sevenseas Overseas Education consultant located in Delhi, India.

Reasons that made my life the best on successful completion of MBBS Program in Germany:

The school does not have any kind of tuition fee even for its international students and so I literally spend all my money either on books. All you have to pay is the examination fee and that too is really affordable.
The culture of the country is what impressed me the most. I was so stunned by the amazing history of the country. It is a very beautiful country and impresses almost everyone who visits it even for once.
People are very friendly over there. You are not scared of being in foreign lands and so it makes it more comfortable and easy for international students enrolled in the Study MBBS in Germany Program from the different family background.
The academics are the best part of my experience. Throughout my entire MBBS course study, I never felt disheartened or disappointed because the teachers were always there to help us out. I came out to have crystal clear concepts, something which is very important while studying medicine.
Language is not a barrier and so it is easy for people to sustain throughout the process and living.
The cost of living in the country is very low and so it was easily affordable.
I highly recommend studying in any of the German Universities offering courses in medicine including MBBS Study in Germany and experience the best in your education. The documentation and other processes involved for MBBS overseas is complex and so it is better a medical aspirant hire the study abroad admission solution services provided by the trusted consultants like Study Sevenseas, Delhi and more well-known for their professional study in Europe admission services.

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