mbbs in philippines

About Philippines

The Philippines, also recognized as the Republic of Philippines is located in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. Its capital, Manila, is recognized for its waterfront and centuries-old Chinatown. Philippines were a colony of USA for almost 50 years and thus the country mirrors the American education system.

MBBS In Philippines

The medical course in the Philippines is called the MD program [Doctor of medicine]. The MD program is similar to MBBS of India, UK, Pakistan and other Commonwealth countries. This degree covers of medical theory, clinical rotation and practical giving a better exposure to the students. The medical degrees obtained from medical universities in the Philippines medical by World Health Organization and Medical Council of India.
Philippines is known for providing a quality education in medical streams like MBBS, MD etc. The higher level of practical sessions and highly experienced teaching staff in Medical institutes of Philippines has gained the notable reputation around the world. The infrastructure of the medical institutes, the curriculum, and environment in the colleges of Philippines makes it a favoured location of education for international students. The cost of the whole MBBS program in the Philippines is much lower as contrasted to other countries. The medical universities are recognized by the WHO and Medical Council of India(MCI). The medium of teaching is English which cracks the major barrier of language for international students. The analysis says that the students who have completed MBBS, MD courses from the Philippines are known to have 100% success rate, in the area under USMLE.

Why MBBS In Philippines?

The Philippines offers high-quality education with a safe atmosphere to the international students. The fee is very low as contrasted to many other European countries. The degree in medical obtained from the Philippines is recognized globally. This helps the scholars to get a job in any part of the world. The medical calendar starts in June and ends in March. There are two semesters in each year, one from June to October and the other from November to March. The language in which medical education provided is English which makes it a favourable place for the scholars who came to get their degree from the overseas. The infrastructure of the medical universities in the Philippines is much superior in terms of staff, equipment, and technology.

The students are given hands-on practical clinical rounds and training which helps in their overall improvement as a doctor. The students from India are qualified to take MCI screening exam after they finish their medical degree from a medical university in the Philippines. The MBBS or MD degree from a university in the Philippines is approved by WHO and MCI.

What type of a student visa you need to study MBBS in Philippines?

There are various types of visa that Philippines embassy permits to the scholars to study MBBS in Philippines, but the first step towards getting the permission is to apply for a student visa.

Student Visa:

This visa is issued by the Philippines embassies abroad and it is not issued in the Philippines. If you apply for this type of student visa to study MBBS in Philippines, you will get a visa which needs to renew on every upcoming semester.

Exchange Student visa:

This visa is issued for officially designated exchange professors, researchers, and students coming from big reputed international universities. If you are going to ask for for this type of student visa to study MBBS in Philippines, you will get a visa, which is valid until the end of the exchange program or scholarship agreement.

IELTS/TOEFL condition can be waived if a student has done schooling in English Medium. In Europe, you can easily find the top rank Universities that provide excellent research facilities and lowest fee in Europe. With the top class education, you can easily spot a Medical Universities that provide less expensive packages and make students to save some money also have a good reputation. The training that you will acquire is well recognized by MCI /WHO.

Necessary documents you need to study MBBS in Philippines?

  • Valid Passport
  • Application form for student visa
  • Three photographs of candidate
  • Medical health certificate of the applicant (life size, chest x-ray, and laboratory reports)
  • CEA (Police Clearance Certificate authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)
  • NOA (original notice of acceptance)
  • Visa fee

Top Medical Universities in the Philippines

The Philippines is famous for medical universities, there are many reputed medical universities which all are controlled by the CHED that stands for commission on higher education and complies US education system during the course that is formed by centering core development of each student that includes theories, technology, practical, research videos, seminars, problem dealing, communication skill and much more. The high competitive environment of colleges for MBBS in Philippines has attracted each to grow the quality of education, facilities and other needs of the student.

Some of the reputed universities that you need to check are:

Our Lady Of Fatima University

Our Lady of Fatima University also recognized as Fatima Medical Science Foundation was established in the year 1979 and has three campuses in Valenzuela City, Quezon City, and Antipolo. This is a private university in the nation and it received its name from the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. This institute is known for the quality of education that it offers and also its capability to adapt to the technological progression in this medical field. The university pledges to nurture the students and transform them to world class doctors. It aims to provide a favorable environment to the students that help them to understand the theory part as well as practicals also that can help them to have a well-to-do career ahead.

Necessary documents for admission

For enrolling in this medical college, you do not need to give any entrance exam. All the students have to finish their senior secondary examination to get the addmission in this course. Students need to present mark sheet of secondary and senior secondary examination. Also, need to submit a student visa. You need to get a character certificate from local police and no-objection certification from your parents or guardians and submit the same. It is necessary to notarize the certificate from the local Embassy officials and then submit them for admission.

AMA College of Medicine

AMA Medical School Society also referred as AMA was built to fulfill the scarcity of doctors in the communities situated around the institute. The medical college is located in the middle of metro manila. This institute is the first of its kind as it is committed to catering to high-quality training and education to the students. There are almost 125 faculty members who are specialists in different fields of medicine.

Steps of Enrolment

Scholars need to appear for NMAT test to get admission to this course in this medical school. They need to clear secondary and senior secondary exam from a known board. Various documents need to be presented to the Institute for seeking admission to this course. The mark sheet of secondary and senior secondary exam, a copy of student visa also needs to be submitted. You need to have a no-objection certification from parents and an NOC or character certificate from the local police and submit the same. Notarize and get these certificates attested by the Embassy officials at your native country and then submit the same.

What are opportunities after MBBS

MBBS in Philippines is a key to open various doors of opportunity and accomplishment. An MBBS degree from the Philippines opens a door of every country to develop a flourishing career.

  • You can register yourself post-graduation or hospital management courses
  • You can go for clinical research jobs or start for clinical practice
  • Stay in the Philippines and enroll in masters, master of health service, master of public health or master of administration.
  • Stayin Philippines and work in the same country by clearing the licensure exam.
  • You can go back to India and start working as a doctor by clearing the MCI screening test.
  • You can migrate to the USA and start working as a doctor by clearing the USMLE examination and ECFMG certification
Moreover, you can migrate to Canada or Australia and start working as a practitioner by clearing the Canadian & Australia Medical Council licensing and State registration exam.

Jobs Availability after MBBS

As the MBBS program in the Philippines follows US education system, it gives you more career opportunities after finishing your MBBS. You can go to any country and practice as a doctor just by clearing the particular exam of any country to own the license for working. The various work areas for the doctors are as below: 1. Hospitals or Medical Foundation or Health Centers: There are various private and public hospitals where you can practice as a junior doctor 2. Medical Professor: Students are appreciated to any medical colleges that follow the English medium of instruction 3. Biomedical laboratories and companies: If your forte of interest is research There are many online career council services available and they can help you by giving all the detailed information about the Medical universities and various courses they offer also can help you to get enrolled. You can go and check out their websites as they also help you to get in touch with the colleges in the Philippines. Helps you in submitting your medical application to the department of education by themselves so that your application reach the right place without any problem and you can enjoy your dream of becoming a doctor.