MBBS is one of the high in demand course right now among the youths. If you have been looking for the best opportunity to grab then you must go for having MBBS in Nepal. Saying would not wrong that it is the best opportunity for the Indian students. As we all know that Nepal is adjacent to India as well as holds amicable relations with the nation, students would not come across any sorts of issues during the study. Indian students have always been choosing Nepal for doing study since a long time. If talks about the mostly majority of students then it is all goes to Northern part of the country.

In case if you are looking for getting enrolled directly to the MBBS colleges in Nepal without donation in best medical colleges without going out of your set budget then you are at the best place. It seems essential to mention that MBBS course in Nepal is valid in India only after getting cleared the MCI screening test once you complete the medical course. If you have done this then you degree will be considered otherwise it will not at all.


Nepal is developing to increase the number of opportunities for both social and economic development and is a perfect option for students who want to explore the arcades of studying medical in abroad. The country is improvising their already existing education system and so it is perfect option for students who want to get the proper and quality medical aid in fulfilling their dreams.

What About The Best Thing Of Nepal Medical College

If you are hunting the best college then choose this one. Stop contemplating as we are going to tell you the best thing about Nepal medical colleges. Actually, Nepal colleges hold the most of the faculty is from India. It means you would not feel stranger there at all. Here you can find a number Indian professor.

It means you are not going to miss the people of your country as they are already there. The major benefit of finding people of your same country is that you do not hesitate ever to ask any question. Your interest keeps going on in study and you start enjoying it.

A Bit About Nepal and The Study Structure

Nepal is a quite famous place among Indian students since this beautiful country comes up with the standard level education, modest fee structure and less documentation. These all reasons can lure anyone towards heading to Nepal. The Indian students who are quite passionate towards their study always love to choose Nepal since these prominent features they cannot find anywhere else.

Contradictory to other countries, the best thing is that you don’t need to have visa. It means you can head there without this credential. Moreover, you will find it quite different from India as it is quite similar to India whether it is about culture, food habits and lifestyle.

What About The Nepal’s Medical Colleges

This city is not only beautiful but also known for having the best and standard quality Medical colleges. It is important to mention that all the medical colleges/universities are approved by the Medical Council of India. It means you do not need to contemplate too much about the authenticity of the Nepal Colleges.

  • The best thing is that you would not find it way too much changed than India. The prepared syllabus curriculum is quite similar to the Indian counterparts. Apart from it, you do not have to go through any sorts of language barrier.
  • It does not matter whether you are good in English or Hindi, since you can speak the language in which you are comfortable. Being English and Hindi as a communicative language spoken in Nepal, you will never come across language related issues.

MBBS In Nepal : Top 10 MBBS College In Nepal 2020

  • Nepalgunj Medical College
  • Chitwan Medical College
  • Birat Medical College And Teaching Hospital
  • Manipal College Of Medical Sciences
  • Lumbini Medical College & Research Center Pvt. Ltd
  • Gandaki Medical College
  • Nobel Medical College
  • Universal College Of Medical Science
  • National Medical College
  • Devdaha Medical College

List of MCI approved Medical Colleges/Universities

The above mentioned are the most popular and distinguished. If you wish to get into any of them, you just need to contact to as we are here with the best advice, suggestion and support. These are the above mentioned colleges which are quite popular among the students. These colleges are quite popular because of its best syllabus curriculum, faculty and teachers.

What About The Eligibility Criteria

To get into the best college in Nepal, you need to have these prominent four qualities. Here, we are going to mention in a discreet manner. Take a look –

  • The aspirant age should come under the Minimum age 17 years. If you do not come under this age then you are allowed to apply for this course. So, make sure that you are matching this point.
  • Being a student, you have to score minimum 50 % marks in their 0+2 examinations from a recognized board/university with the Physics, Chemistry, Biology and compulsory English. It is essential to get this much percentage otherwise you are not allowed to apply for this course.
  • You must have a valid Indian Passport and no Visa required.
  • Apart from it, you must have a valid MCI certificate.

Without these things, you are not allowed to get into any of these colleges. Study Sevenseas are here to guide you in a proper way. The experienced team keep guiding what you need to have and how you can get that to get the admission.

What About The Facilities In Nepal

If you are thinking about the facilities in Nepal then there is no dearth of the good opportunities as it is blessed the entire thing you are looking for a great student life.

  • Hostel – you will never face any sorts of issues regarding finding hotels as the best hotels are available for the boys and girls both. These hotels are loaded with all sorts of amenities that is required for a good student life. These hotels are situated near to your college and that is why you will not come across any sorts of issues to cover the distance. You will reach to your colleges within no time.
  • Transportation – Though road travelling is a bit tough because of the mountainous terrain. But that’s no worries as the Aviation is another option to choose. You have to travel to reach the main roads. This beautiful city holds a total number of 47 airports brick runways.
  • Food – Good quality and delicious food is available. Staple food of Nepal is Dal Bhat and it is quite famous among the students. Whether you are a non-vegetarian or vegetarian, you can get easily the food of your taste without confronting any issues. Not only this, but there is a comprehensive range of the delicious food. So, if you are a foodholic then this city is going to be your favourite.
  • Nature – This is another thing always lure the students to get into the Nepal MBBS College. This beautiful city is blessed with incredible natural beauty and it will make you feel good. When you get done with the study, then you can go out to explore the natural beauty to jazz up your mood.

What Makes Nepal The Most Sough After Among The Students

Nepal is a Federal Democratic Republic and is a sovereign country which is situated in the Himalayas. Since it is located in Himalayas, you can even imagine how beautiful if can be on its own. It is also quite famous for having Lumbini which is also known as the birth place Lord Buddha’s. Nepal is just blessed with incredible beauty and does not leave any chance to make you speechless.

How Study Sevenseas Helps You

Being a distinguished platform, we are here with the best advice to guide you in a proper way. We let you know which college would be right for you to choose. How you can get admission, what documents you need to submit and so on.

It does not matter how much you know about the city since we are here to guide you in a proper way. You just need to contact us to get all sorts of information within no time. It makes feel proud when we help you in a great way. Here, we come up with the immense knowledge and never let you get disappointed. What you need to do is just make us call or drop a mail to get the answer of your query. We are here with the best team to bring you out of all sorts of dilemma.

So, what are you waiting for? The best thing is that we are here to serve you the best. You do not need to go anywhere else. Just make us call or drop a mail. We will get back to you within no time.