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GOING to university isn’t the cheapest of choices, particularly not when you do a medicine course and you’re studying all the ins and outs for the best part of a decade. Though, as is always the case with any course and university, there are affordable destinations for prospective doctors to go and study the skills they need to grow fully qualified. In this case studying MBBS in Europe can help to get that affordable course. There is no refuting the fact that studying medicine is one of the most valued and highly renowned educational programs. Every year, more than thousands of Indian students clear medical entrance exams to start a medical career. Though, only a few are able to make their way as of the availability of lesser seats and extensive competition. Students who are incapable to clear the test may give another try or drop their dreams. On the opposite, there are many scholars that look forward to getting their MBBS program from abroad. Europe has grown one of the major seats today in offering MBBS programs and attracting large numbers of foreign students. There are several advantages of pursuing your MBBS in Europe.

It is surely true that pursuing MBBS in Europe is reasonable compared to that of India. In India, the entrance examinations are quite difficult, and the competition level is high. Though, this is not relevant in the case of Europe. In fact, the admission system is a lot easier due to which it has begun attracting different Indian medical aspirers. If you go for the same, you can be guaranteed that the MBBS degree that you get will be valid both in UK and USA. If you are getting confused about it, you must choose Study Sevenseas. This platform all set to help you in a great manner to get in top universities.

Completing the Primary Eligibility Criteria:

If you desire to study MBBS in Europe, you will just have to fulfil two primary eligibility criteria:

  • The minimum age for applicant should be 17 years,
  • You should have cleared 10+2 or other equivalent exams with least 60% marks in chemistry, physics, and biology.
Not only the process of selection is easier, but also the quality of knowledge is higher. In addition to that, the continuation of the MBBS courses in most European universities ranges from four years to six years, while in UK or US, the total term can be about 8 years. Therefore, it is an easier choice for Indian students to become a doctor. Here’s a rundown of the top five affordable places to pursue your MBBS in Europe.


Home to exciting beetroot dishes and hearty drinking spirits, Poland offers relatively cheap medicine courses that are popular – proven by the fact that every year, medicine schools in Poland see an admission of students from the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Scandinavian countries, among many others. Students gather here because they’ll be given a very wide, well-regarded medical education, but will spend considerably less than if they were pursuing their MBBS in Europe, Australia or North America. The degrees provided by Polish universities are well recognized worldwide and the schools often work with others around the globe. A good place to start your journey would be the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, where one of the doctors who conducted the first full face transplant studied.


Sweden runs a free university system for EU students and has lately introduced fees for scholars outside of the European Union. What’s more, Sweden’s education policy is one of the noblest in the world, so your medical degree will have been obtained in a university like no other. The standard fees for things like textbooks, equipment, and lodgings still apply, but that seems like little fry when you consider what you’re getting value-for-money-wise. Also, the living in Sweden is also affordable for a student and provides a perfect study environment for the students who wants study MBBS in Europe.


Put your wallet away as the Germany’s medical courses are free. This makes Germany one of the best places to go if you’re is on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to roll out the big number cheques for each semester. Preferably, you can happily chug along, world-class education from one of the most intellectually dogmatic countries on the planet. Though, as a very good knowledge of the German language will probably be wanted and you’ll have to pass a series of preparatory tests to get onto the course where these exact abilities will keep you in good stead. Germany is one of the best places to study MBBS in Europe with a tight wallet.


Tuition fees for Italian medical studies are lower than those in the US and the UK but aren’t certainly the cheapest when compared to Germany or Sweden. Still, the comparably low cost of living in Italy (depending on where you are in the country) more than makes up for it and the courses aren’t difficult to get on to; there’s an admissions exam for most programs but the system isn’t as definite as other nations in Western Europe.


Quiet, humble Belgium is often ignored when it comes to finding your dream European location for studying, but that needn’t be the case. The charges for medical degrees vary uncontrollably depending on the university and where you’re traveling from, but for an EU scholar, the charge is usually around 800 Euros per year. This is great news for a scholar who wants to study MBBS in Europe, but those coming from Australia or America might have to check that the prices aren’t raised too much for them. However, it’ll be worth it as Belgium is home to some interesting medical institutions and the country is a wonderful destination to spend duration of a tough medical course. A good place to begin your medical journey would be the University of Antwerp – positioned in a beautiful city, it is a well-regarded institution. All of these above-mentioned places are very affordable places to get your degree on MBBS in Europe in term of getting your education as well as in terms of living. And now you all know about it, so why are you waiting, you just need to choose Study Seven Seas to get in the best European university that can make your dreams come true.