The complete MBBS course includes 360 credits. It is isolated in 10 semesters involving 5 years of MBBS course, including 300 credits (30 credits each) and the practical year, which is the sixth year with 60 credits. All ten semesters are similarly dispersed between directions, aggregate work, leisure and semi-annual intuitive examinations.

Language requirements

The medical examination handles work with prospective students who have a better understanding of English, French or are willing to take a Romanian / Bulgarian one-year course. In fact, future students who do not speak the dialect of English or French can follow a year of medical prescription in English or in the national language (Romanian / Bulgarian) solved by some MBBS universities. By the end of the first year, students can begin university medical studies.

Age limit

You must be no less than 17 years of age at the season of applying to medical university. There are no age limits formally established for the medical school section and choice and affirmation agreements are issues that must be taken into account by particular bases. In any case, the medical schools will evaluate the duration of the university class and the post-graduate preparation (not less than 9 years) in relation to the duration of the administration that the candidate could give.

Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

To be admitted to the MBBS, the minimum qualifications required in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics must not be less than 50% for several universities. Be that as it may, even those with fewer brands can be granted considering additional registrations.

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