To get showered with the incredible opportunities MBBS is the best course to choose. In Belarus, professionals having in depth knowledge are preparing for it. Here, this course is taught in English medium. If you are good at English then you must go ahead for MBBS in Belarus to pick this course without contemplating too much. Actually, this country has English as a official language. There is a limitless value of doing MBBS in Belarus from the reputed medical universities. In the last one decade, the percentage of international students seeking admission to MBBS in Belarus has increased considerably.

Candidates from the various nations have found the many favorable factors playing important role in attracting more and more students for MBBS in Belarus every year. Thousands of the foreign aspirants have already completed their MBBS Study in Belarus and have been enjoying a successful career in life.


A Bit About Belarus

If you are thinking to do MBBS in Belarus, it is really a great idea. Actually, this beautiful city is located in the eastern part of Europe and quite adjacent to Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. Belarus is also quite popular within no time as it has emerged as the country having growing economy with strongest emphasis on manufacturing and industrial sector. Majority of the population in this country lives in the urban areas. In this incredibly beautiful country, two prominent official languages are used called Russian and Belarusian. If you are curious to know that which religion is followed there prominently there, then you need to hold your heart as there is no official religion but orthodox Christianity is practiced.

The thing that makes people to go crazy for this city is that well-designed curriculum by the experts. If you are contemplating to choose this city, then you can go ahead without thinking a lot. Every year many Indian students head this city to pursue their study.

What About The Methodology

At the Faculty of MBBS in Belarus, the educational process can be categorized into two languages, Russian or English. It has been going on since for 6 years. Do you know what is all about your tuition fee, firm charge etc. No worries, if you do not have idea as we are going to let you know about it.

  • What About The Tuition Fee? Many of you wish to know the same and we are here to increase your knowledge regarding this. Actually, there are two types of tution fee one is 4,900$/Year (English) and second one is 4,000$/Year (Russian) After Preparatory Course)
  • There is no need to muddle a lot as the various facilities right from Reception, Transport, Registration Fee to Translation is everything available at the best prices. What you need to do is just pay 300$/First Year Only
  • The Intermediary firm charge you have to pay is 1,200$ and it would be once in a year.
  • The First Year Tuition Pack for the English medium would be 6,940$.
  • For living, you need pay Accommodation: 840$/Year which is also affordable and do not make a trouble for you.

Would Not You Love To Know About The Climatic Features?

Of course, you would love to know about the climate as it is just amazing. There is no need to think if it would be too hot or cold since they both are just lovely. Actually, the climate ranges from mild to moderate, especially during the winters. Apart from it, the summers, on the other hand are cool and moist.

To put in other words, it will not make you irritated. The country is situated in a transitional zone between maritime climates and continental climates. The best thing is that International residents love choosing this country as they do not have to face any difficulty while experiencing climatic features here. It means if you are a bit conscious regarding the weather, it is good to head as winter and summer both will not irritate you at any rate.

What About The Finding Hostel Facilities:

When it comes to study, hostel facility is something that you cannot ignored. To have a great study environment, you need to choose the right hostel. We are here to serve you the best. As the best platform, we guide you in a proper way that where you can head and how you can get the best hostel to stay feel good during your study period. Not, finding accommodation would not be a big deal for you in Belarus as a comprehensive range of the stylish hostel are available here at the best prices. The best thing is that most of the medical universities are offering the best and world class hostel facilities to the Indian students and the accommodation fee of these hostel is also quite reasonable. The best and good in quality hostel are available in between the range from $200 to $400. The thing that makes these hostel rooms quite different from others is that they are quite comfortable with high quality services ranging from kitchen, student café, Internet, laundry etc. To put in simple words, you will never find any sorts of issues while living here.

You Would Never Confront The Transportation Related Problems:

The best thing is that apart from the hostel facility, you would not come across the transport or infrastructure related issues it is quite good at both of them. The best thing is that Transport and infrastructure of Belarus is just all set to make you feel amazing. The entire city is developed in a great way. In the country, you will find the best road and transport system good. Saying would not wrong that it is well developed city. Road transport is the most prominent one and you would not confront any issue covering the distance. Apart from it, the best thing is that rail transport systems is also good here.

If You Are A Food Lover –

If your answer is in YES then it is quite essential for you to know about the Cuisines. You may not know but the cuisines of Belarus mainly containing of vegetables, bread and meat are quite popular. Generally, they prefer foods that are slowly cooked or stewed and it is up to you what type you wish to go ahead. Here, you can eat light meals, and dinner is the largest meal of the day to stay healthy and energetic. The great thing is that Indian people love trying out the Belarusian cuisines and they are quite famous actually.


Now, let’s come to the prominent point that what eligibility you need to hold to get into this field. The Indian students who are desperate to get their MBBS done in Belarus need to have lower academic such as 55% in PCB. Apart from it, there are many formalities to do and for this you need the expert advice. At Study Sevenseas, we are here to guide you in a proper way. We have been catering in this field for a long time and understand how it has been difficult to take admission when you do not hold that much information or knowledge about the country. There is no need to contemplate a lot as we are here to guide you in a great manner. We are driven with the thought to impart you the best service at the best prices.

What About The Prominent Colleges –

Though, there is a wide array of universities but if talks about the prominent one then they are Vitebsk State Medical Universityand, Gomel State Medical University. Apart from it, there are many prominent name that can be part of your successful journey.

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If students are willing to go into a foreign land to study with their parents’ hard earned money, they sure do look forward to the great opportunities that they want to be offered to them. Studying MBBS in Belarus will not only help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful doctor but also provide you with countless other opportunities to look forward with many doors opening up to you wide and open. 

From the lovely climate to the people, from the food to the cultural history, there is nothing not to love about Belarus. You don’t need to shell out millions to study in Belarus, nor do you need to worry about the recognition and significance of your degree outside the country. We understand your goals and your dream of becoming the best version of yourself whilst realizing your true potential. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the right decision and choose Belarus to study your MBBS course in and embark on a successful journey.

We welcome you to visit us at Study Ssevenseas for the support in documentation, Visa application, and other admission process at a very low consulting fee. MBBS in Belarus is now made easy for students in the country!