MBBS Admission in Armenia

Students wanting to study MBBS in Armenia must score at least 50% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) for General Category, while 40% for Reserved Category. At least, 60% is required in NEET for this 6 year course. It has witnessed a remarkable development in the education field. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in the medical field is remarkable. 

The medical degrees awarded by the Armenian universities are globally recognised. Students who have completed MBBS in Armenia are successfully practicing in the varied nations. In addition, the awarded medical degrees from the prestigious Armenian Universities are endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI).


Students already pursuing MBBS in Armenia and planning to seek admission for the MBBS Studies in Armenia need not worry about any thing. A candidate from India can get confirmed admission for MBBS in Armenia on fulfilling the required eligibility criteria. So stay relaxed and pack your bag for the admission in the MBBS Program from the top medical University in Armenia. There are a number of the top MBBS study universities in Armenia offering the unmatched teaching in medicine. The standard of the studies in India has improved a lot in the last two decade. Today you can take the advantage of the international standard of the studies in Indian but the cost of course in MBBS in India is generally beyond the reach of a low earning parents. The fee and the other allied expenses in medical studies are very high in congruence to the cost of the MBBS in Armenian universities.

The growing importance of the overseas studies in India has increased the demand of the international universities in the country and today thousands of the eligible aspirants looking for the career in MBBS from Armenia strive from the admission in the top 5 MBBS Universities located in Armenia.

Out of the many, a few proves to be fortunate enough to get their admission confirmed while the others are found being disappointed. We very well understand the value of your dreams and are engaged in helping parents and students willing to go for the unmatched education in medicines from the best Armenian University offering program in MBBS. Parents and other relatives can get in touch with us for the worry-free MBBS admission in Armenia solution.


Hassle-free admission process

  • No Entrance exams
  • Good study environment
  • Highly competitive course fee
  • Armenian medical certificates are recognised by MCI and WHO
  • Lower cost of living
  • No TOEFL or IELTS is essential for the admission to MBBS program in Armenia
  • Safe country in Europe for the worry-free education
  • Good proximity and studying environment


Basic Eligibility10+2 (Science) with 60% in NEET
Minimum Percentage50% in PCB for General
40% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories
Processing Time45-60 days
Course Duration5+1 Year
TOEFL/IELTSNot Necessary
MediumEnglish & Armenian
English ProficiencyEssential
Minimum Fee2500 USD Per year
Maximum Fee4000 USD Per year
Cost of Living100 USD Per month
EndorsementBy MCI & WHO
Prestigious UniversitiesYerevan Haybusak University & University of Traditional Medicine

More About the European Country Armenia

Let us learn more about the country Armenia. Situated in Eurasia, it is a sovereign country. It is one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. It is the first Christian nation and has witnessed remarkable growth in the last two decade. The capital city of Armenia, Yerevan has a few of the prestigious medical universities offering the MBBS Study course to the international students.

Most of the universities in the capital offers 6 years MBBS study program except a university well-known as St. Theresa Medical University that offers Medical Doctors program of 5 years. Armenia shares it international boundaries with the developing nations like Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Artsakh, Nakhchivan, and Iran. It is an ancient nation and has a long history. If you talk about the most advanced alphabet in the world, it is none other than the Armenian alphabet.

Also he was an Armenian Mathematician who created the world’s first text book for Arithmetic problems. Thus, you will find an interesting history of learning associated with the nation. Over the time, things changed a lot and today Armenia has become the most preferred destination for the MBBS programs.


  • Yerevan Haybusak University
  • St. Tereza Medical University
  • Yerevan State Medical University

More About Medical Universities in Armenia

There are a number of the popular Medical Universities in the capital of Armenia. These are the Universities recognized in the country India and good for the international students willing to enroll for the MBBS course in Armenia. Amidst the many, a few of the preferred medical universities are listed below with the program details:

St. Theresa Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia, 5 years program
Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia : 6 years program
Yerevan Haybuzak Medical University, Yerevan Armenia, 6 years course
Language is not at all a barrier in the Armenian Universities. For the convenience of the foreign students, the education and the related instructions are imparted in English language. Additionally the degrees issued by the top MBBS Universities in Armenia are valid across India.


  • The best quality MBBS education at the lowest cost
  • The awarded degrees are endorsed by MCI (Medical Council of India ) and WHO (World Health Organization)
  • The Armenian Medical Degrees are valid across the globe
  • The medium of communication and the MBBS studies is English. The reason being it is easy for the students to understand and communicate with classmates, roommates, hostel mates and others
  • The MBBS programs in most of the universities are of 6 years except a few where the course duration is 5 years
  • Students returning to India after completing the MBBS studies from Armenian Universities will be eligible to practice in India after clearing the licensing examination
  • The study environment is engaging and peaceful
  • No TOEFL or IELTS is essential for the admission to the MBBS program in Armenian Medical Universities


Step 1: You are required to fill application of college online and pay the charges for the documentation. Share the copies of 12th leaving certificate, Grade 10, 11 and 12 mark sheets along with a valid passport.

Step 2: Once you are done with Step 1, you will receive your letter of confirmation within 4 working days of your application. Send all the above documents and your passport to our office. The concerned college will send the confirmation letter. Your student VISA will be stamped on your passport.
You are required to pay the second part of your handling charges before starting this procedure. Send us your passport and your Visa will be handed over to you at the earliest depending on Embassy process and working.

Step 3: You are all set to fly to your desired medical college for the MBBS in Poland studies after you are in receipt of a welcome letter issued by the University and the Admission letter from the college, and your student visa.

We at Study Sevenseas are always at your service and believe in offering you the best Overseas Education experience. Our expert counselor and documentation expert guide you at every stage to make sure you avoid the disappointment experienced with any consultant offering Abroad admission services in Delhi.

Know Everything About Armenia

It is better to know everything about the European country Armenia if you are planning for the MBBS studies in the top ranked medical universities in Armenia. Let us discuss below the key deciding factors:


The overall climate in Armenia is continental. The summer season begins in the month of June and last till the mid of September. The weather is dry and sunny during summer. You will find the temperature varying between 22 °C to 37 °C. The breezes blowing in the evening are free from humidity and offer you the cooling effect. Autumns are long but Spring is for the short duration. Foreign students enjoy the climate very much.


Armenia located in the South Caucasus has a territorial area 29,743 sq. km. It is bordered by Georgia in the North, the South by Iran, the east by Azerbaijan, west and Southwest by Turkey. The country is covered by the high mountains, rivers, and has dense forests. The atmosphere in Armenia is peaceful and good for the students pursuing higher education or MBBS studies Abroad.


Armenia has rich culture and gives the golden opportunity to the artists, musicians and performers to explore their potential and showcase their talents across the world. The country has the history of 1700 years and is the first country in the world to accept Christianity officially as its state religion.

Residents are family-oriented and take pride in offering the memorable hospitality services to the international tourists, visitors, students pursuing the varied courses and MBBS from the top universities. People living in the different corners of the country Armenia are down to earth by nature. They believe in enjoying and living life.


The people staying in Armenia believe in comfortable living. Their expectation in terms of the living standard is high. The modern day amenities are the part and parcel of their routine life. They enjoy all the modern amenities. The country has experienced fast economical growth and today the citizens in the country take joy in the modern lifestyle. The two major occupations are farming and tourism.

The easy availability of the important essentials encourages education and today thousands of the students from international countries travel all the way to seek admission in the top 5 medical colleges for MBBS in Armenia. The universities in the country are known for providing comfort for the matchless training in medical domain.

The climate, geographical condition, rich culture, cuisine, ultra modern facilities, natural beauty, and above all the royal stay at affordable cost encourages people from across the globe travel to Armenia for the better living.

The technology based arrangements for the global students in Armenian Medical Colleges are a great attraction. Students are facilitated with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class library. The Medical Universities and Colleges has the modern auditorium with crystal clear sound system that helps Armenian educational organizations successfully organize various global meetings, common lectures, important announcement and social gatherings for universal students.

Religion in the Developing Country Armenia
Religion is another admirable factor. You will find 92% population who follow Armenian. Christianity is followed in Armenia by the 2% population. If you talk about the rest 2 percent, you will witness Yazidism is followed by 1% and other one percent includes Russian and other religions. The remaining 4% of the habitant do not follow any specific religion. Thus, you will find that people enjoy religious freedom and enjoy living in Armenia.

Discover Bright Career in MBBS from Armenia

A rewarding career with unlimited opportunities in the medical field particularly awaits the eligible students. Today students from India and other countries have successfully enrolled in the MBBS program and taking the limitless advantage of high quality medical education and training in Armenia.

The top Armenian medical universities are recognized by the MCI, and the global governing body WHO. MBBS candidates from other nations are allowed to practice in Armenia. The Study Abroad facility today has opened the door for the Indian students having the desire to pursue MBBS course in Armenia.

Moreover a Medical Degree obtained from Armenian Medical Universities is of great worth in India. A candidate gets special recognition in India where the development in the medicines and pharma sector is incredible. The growing demand of the MBBS and MD in the Indian Medical Industry has encouraged thousands of the bright students choose career in the health sector in India.

Students graduating in medicine need to clear the MCI screening examination conducted by the NBE.


The country has witnessed a good percentage of the growth and development across different sectors in the last three decades. The growth in the education area is remarkable. The globally accepted degrees of Armenian Universities have encouraged students from all over the world seek admission for MBBS program in Armenia and other courses.

Armenia has good international ranking in the various sectors. Amidst the 183 countries, Armenia has been ranked 48 by the World Bank in ease of doing business. In the Global Competitiveness index of 142 countries, it has scored 92nd rank which is a good achievement.

The position of Armenia is 39th amidst 179 countries in the Economic Freedom Index. Based on the report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Armenia ranks 116 in the per capita GDP out of 182 countries. Thus, the European country Armenia enjoys financial freedom and has endless potential for businesses.


Pursuing MBBS abroad is no more a big challenge today. The standard of international education has improved a lot in the last two decade. Although there is a complex admission process involved in it, we at Study Sevenseas have made it hassle-free for you. Now parents can easily get in touch with us for the counseling of their children interested for MBBS in Armenia anytime.

The Growing Importance of Study MBBS Armenia Program in India

With the increasing importance of the OVERSEAS STUDIES in India, the demand of the Study MBBS in Armenia Program in India increased considerably. It has been observed that in the last two decades, the standard of the medical education in the nation has improved remarkably. Today the importance of the studies in India has increased to such a level that thousands of the foreign country students are traveling to the India to confirm their admission in the reputed colleges and universities in the metro cites in the country.

The biggest challenge in India is the higher course fee and the other miscellaneous expenses which totals to a big amount. The course fee for the MBBS studies is not in the reach of the middle class families. Therefore, MBBS in Armenia is recommended. There are numerous advantages of pursuing the medical course from abroad in comparison to the study in India.

With the increasing percentage of the students looking for the MBBS study in Armenia and other European nations, the percentage of the Overseas Education Consultant also increased. It resulted in the increased percentage of the cheating and unacceptable behavior demonstrated by the unprofessional consultants in Delhi and other cities in the country.

It is necessary to stay alert and avoid coming in touch with the Study Abroad Advisors who do not have the required experience, knowledge, information and has the intention to harass the parents, siblings, and the students determined to seek admission in the top medical universities in Armenia.

Students or parents interested in pursuing MBBS in Armenia can get in touch with us round the clock.

Our Support in MBBS Study Abroad Admissions

We at Study Sevenseas offer assistance at every stage for the students determined to study abroad. We specialize in MBBS Studies Overseas. We leave no stone unturned to bring back the broad smile on the face of the parents struggling for the confirmed admission to the MBBS Course in Armenia and other European countries.

We aim at rendering the hundred percent transparent dealing. Our team of experts very well understands the pain undergone by parents and the children willing to seek admissions in the top international medical universities for the MBBS programs. We guide you, counsel, and offer you the documentation support along with the guaranteed solution to your problem related to the overseas education program.

We being one of the most trusted Overseas Studies Consultants in Delhi support medical students in fulfilling their dream of getting admission in the top medical universities in Armenia. We as an expert help them identify the best medical college in Armenia at the lowest cost.

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