Studying MBBS in Georgia has always been the prime choice amidst not only the students but also the parents because of some great advantages that the nation provides to the international students particularly Indian students seeking admission in MBBS Program. A good number of benefits aid in making your decision of studying MBBS in the country and your dream of becoming a doctor both true.

The country Georgia offers a number of benefits for Indian students who aspire of being a doctor and are thinking of applying to Georgia for the same. Some of the noteworthy advantages are described below for your information:

  • Most of the Medical Colleges in Georgia are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and so this serves to be the top reason for Indian students who are thinking of studying medicine in Georgia. An Indian student after the completion of their course study can relocate back to India and continue his/her practice over there. All they have to do is to give the MCI Screening Test in order to get the license of studying MBBS in Georgia. Also, the study pattern between Georgia and India is similar in many ways and this also aids in the selection of Georgia as a probable destination of studying MBBS course from years.
  • The medical universities in Georgia have a majority of Indian teachers teaching the different courses. This makes it even easier for students to engage in the classroom.
  • The ratio of the Indian students clearing the MCI Screening Test is very high owing to the similar pattern of study.
  • The medical universities in Georgia are known for quality education and preserving the true nature of education. Not only this; but the universities indulge in providing the students with more of the practical approach than the theoretical one.
  • The cost of living and education is highly affordable in congruence to other European countries.
  • When you want to achieve the best result and profitable future for yourself, then Georgia offers you the best options to study with the best international teaching standard. You also get a chance to explore the country and this in turn results in overall development.

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