While looking for MBBS admission overseas Ukraine stands out as a good choice for MBBS education due to its extremely systematic educational culture. MBBS in Ukraine is a good option for Indian students seeking MBBS admissions in foreign universities.

Top reasons to choose Ukraine for MBBS admissions

1. Recognition:
The top colleges offering MBBS in Ukraine is recognised by the Medical Council of India.

2. English Taught Program
The top colleges and universities in Ukraine offer systematic education process. They offer MBBS in English which makes the learning easy without worrying about language barriers

3. Quality education
The Ukraine universities put emphasis on quality over quantity therefore, every Ukraine universities intakes only 125-150 students.

4. Well organised setup and Experienced Faculty
The curriculum in these universities is systematically developed and emphasizes on practical knowledge. The faculty there is well-qualified doctors who teach the program in English which makes the understanding of the concept easy. The curriculum is designed in such a way which lets students learn gradually from first-year basics to preclinical to clinical in 3rd year. The clinical classes are conducted in hospitals where the students will be meeting and observing patients daily.

5. System & Structure
The Ukraine universities have ECTS system. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a unique system that divides all the subjects in the set number of hours and you have to cover those set time without skipping any class. In case, you miss a class you can rework on that particular class in the weekend with prior approval from the Dean. 100% attendance is required. ECTS is a widely used system and it reduces the burden on the students of learning everything together as MBBS/ MD program is of 6 years.

6. Better Residency options
By studying MBBS/ MD program in Ukraine for 6 years, you get along with the system and get familiar with the country well enough than anyone else. This improves your future PG and Residency chance.

7. Affordable living and tuition fee
When you compare the cost of study in Ukraine with any other universities across the world the cost is relatively cheaper than them. The Price to Performance ratio (PTF) is amazing. You get a quality education there at an affordable cost. Ukraine Universities charge around 4500 to 5500 USD which is approximately 3 to 4 lakhs for its MBBS/MD program that makes it super affordable.

8. Better Exposure and Opportunities
Studying in MBBS programs in Ukraine gives you great future opportunities as you get to attend Medical conferences and takes part in Research which boosts up your CV for future endeavours. You can easily find jobs there after the completion of your MBBS studies

9. Better lifestyle and safety
Ukraine is safe, especially for girls. The living standard there is great. The country offers inexpensive accommodation and entertainment options. You can enjoy the culture, food, locations, sightseeing there which make your stay memorable.

10. Various courses available
MBBS in Ukraine is of 6 years and is conducted in English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.

The various courses offered are as below:

● Nursing – Duration of the course is for 3 to 4 years.
● General Medicine – The duration of course is 6 years.
● Pediatrics – The course is for six years.
● BDS – The course is of 5 years
● Pharmacy – The bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy is for 5 years.
● Prosthodontics – It is a full 2 years program

All these reasons are good enough to choose Ukraine for MBBS education. Ukraine is indeed a good option while seeking MBBS admissions by Indian students. Study Sevenseas based in Delhi is available for you to aid in the admission process. We help you fulfill your dream of seeking MBBS in Ukraine admission at a very low consulting charge.

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