Let’s Explore Best Universities in Russia

It is a dream of every student to study in a place of their choice. Most of usdream of studying abroad in good and reputed universities. Now, all those who wish to study abroad can easily fulfill their wish without even burning a hole in their parent’s pocket. When it comes to higher education, then we all want to pursue it from the best of the places, so that we can shape our career in the right direction.

Which is the best country to pursue higher education?

The best country to pursue your higher education is Russia. The country not only offers you quality education but it is also affordable. Living in Russia is full of fun and life, as the country serves you with blend of cultures, languages, religions and hospitality. There are various places that you can visit while you study in best of the universities of Russia like Irkutsk State Medical University. It has lot other universities which offer good quality education and help you make a great future. Russian universities just not teach you the bookish knowledge but they also impart practical training and skills to enhance your abilities.


Why you should chose Irkutsk State Medical University over others?

  • The university is running from August 26, 1919.
  • It was started with a Medical Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty.
  • And from then the university is continuously progressing and in today’s date it has all the departments a student looks for while choosing a university for pursuing higher education.
  • The university has educated and made more than 500 successful doctors who belong from various parts of the world.
  • Irkutsk State Medical University delivers training in almost 63 departments and that too from highly experienced professors and teachers.
  • Approximately 11000 students have been trained by this renowned university of Russia.

Reasons to study MBBS from Irkutsk State Medical University are as follows:

  • The main of this university is to create and nurture quality doctors who can make this world a better place by helping others.
  • The MBBS degree provided by this university present in Siberia is very prominent and recognized all across the globe.
  • More than 70 thousand famous teachers, scientists, writers etc. have been trained by this Russian university.
  • If you have keen interest in studying medicine and pharmacy, then this place holds great learning opportunities for you.
  • The practical medical training provided by the university helps you in becoming a qualified doctor.
  • The way they teach you different subjects of medicine is very different as they give both theoretical and practical knowledge.

The university guarantees high level of education and the best thing is that accommodation in Russia is very affordable. Irkutsk State Medical University provides you hostel facility also, so that you can find a home away from home. The admission procedure of the university is much simpler than other universities. You do not have to worry that you are going to study in a foreign university, so you need plenty of money and things. You just need to be career driven and you can study in the best university of Russia.