MBBS in Germany is one of the best countries to explore and the first priority for all to study and be employed in one of the smartest cities of Germany. The scope of medical education in Germany is dense and far above any other educational program in the world. The Federal Republic of Germany, an influential country in northern and central Europe, is circumscribed to the great variety of forests, mountains, minerals and rich in natural heritage that revitalizes the uniqueness of medicine by the diversified scheme and advanced clinical exposure that embarks the international people to start a new journey in Germany.

Why study MBBS in Germany?

Germany sounds like a paradise for higher education for those who wish to continue with their favorite subject without paying any registration fee. It is a magnet for students from all over the world.

Germany is among the best medical universities in the world.

  • Medical universities in Germany are above international standards of higher education.
  • More than 400,000 international students are studying in UG in Germany.
  • 35% of international students in Germany highlighted the minimum registration fee.
  • These institutions offer recognized research and excellence in teaching.
  • Students have the opportunity to improve academically.
  • These institutions allow students to contribute through various research works.

Structure of MBBS in Germany

The Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, for its acronym in English) requires a minimum of six years to complete and then perform mandatory state exams. When an academic passes the state exam, he receives an official license for approval (or practice of medicine in a hospital, nursing home or clinic).

Eligibility Criteria for pursuing UG MBBS in Germany:

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate or the College Entrance qualification documents.
  • knowledge of English and German.
  • Extensive understanding of 12th class chemistry, biology, and physics.
  • Qualified Marks for the TestAS exam, or the TMS (Test for Medical Studies.
  • It is helpful to have sound knowledge of Latin too.
  • A resident permit and student Visa.

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