Two decade ago, travelling abroad for studies was a trend and s symbol of status but now in 2019, things have totally changed. Today, students opt for the courses like MBBS in Romania and other nations, to explore the international culture, develop skills, and to look for the career opportunities. Of course, there are so many benefits of studying MBBS in Romania that ample people will tell you. With so many different options that you may get on starting your career in this field, chances are high that you may get confused.

But if you are also not able to decide on the place from where you need to pursue study in medicine then Romania is the answer for the same. There are so many medical universities in Romania that can help you understand how saving lives while improving healthcare can be done with confidence.

Studying in Romania: The popularity

No doubt that MBBS in Romania is a great choice but if you are genuinely not able to understand how it can actually help you get your career growth and success then certainly, this is the right place you have landed up. Not just MBBS but also a vet, pharmacy, and density field in Romania have gained a lot of interest of the students across the globe. For prosecutive international medical students, this place has got lot many thongs to offer. In case you are wondering about the key benefits that you are likely to get then listed are some which you cannot ignore for sure.

Guaranteed Admission: You can be rest assured for the fact that along with MBBS Admission for Indian Students, even foreign students from other counties if meet the basic requires that is a financial requirement, high school result, and language can get the admission to the best university without any worry. Besides, the students are given encouragement to study the medicine in Romania since it integrates some of the best technologies and state of art infrastructure solution.

Great Educational Quality: To study MBBS in Romania is said to be the best decision since it offers a degree that is internationally accredited and recognized worldwide. Besides, it is also valid in all EEA and EU counties. The medical study in this country is of 3 years duration with further 3 years of clinical studies. This means a student is entitled to get not just theoretical knowledge but also the practical experience that can be the added advantage for the future.

No entrance examination: Yes, you have heard this right. Romania believes that ability of the student is reflected through hard work and dedication which the person can show soon after appearing in the university. Neither the application process of MBBS Study in Romania is complex nor the entrance examination. The prospective students are given equal opportunity to study and apply for the medicine in this country irrespective of the language. But if the student from EU or EEA appears for the Romanian scholarship then he/she is entitled to appear for entrance examination which again is not complex at all.

Multicultural environment: Since so many students from different country visit Romania for MBBS study, they have the choice to pursue an education in Romanian, English, or French language. Besides students are raised in the multicultural society which eventually gives them to explore and get mixed up with different culture without any hassle.

Every year a good number of the talented students lack admission in the top medical universities due to the limited seats and more applicants for the limited MBBS Program seats. Students in India are left with no option than to retry the next year or fly abroad to accomplish the dream of becoming a doctor from the top universities offering courses in medicine at a low tuition fee. Moreover, the living and food expenses in countries like Romania are affordable.

Why waste your valued time unnecessarily when you can make used of your time and seek admission in your desired college or university approved by MCI – the Medical Council of India along with WHO.

All the Indian students and parents confident about the career in the field of medicine should get in touch with a dependable study abroad admission support consultant Study Sevenseas and more.

The expert councillors are there to answer to all your queries and provide you the essential information that can help you make better decision and allow your children fly for MBBS Course in Romania and other international nation for the bright career.

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