MBBS or Medicinae Baccalaureus is a graduation program of 5 to 6 years in which 5 years of studies and 1 year of compulsory internship is included. It is comprised of two undergraduate programs:

  • Bachelor of medicine
  • Bachelor of surgery

In this study, students learn about extensive knowledge of human body and its functions. This study also specifies how the human body reacts to different drugs that are used to cure disease. Medical students with good grade point average (GPA) can extend their studies to one more year to pursue BMed (Hons) and research on medicines. This graduate program is most hunted by students after their completion of schooling in medical stream. To be an MBBS is merely tough and require lots of concentration, patience and abundance of hard work. Students with great focus and diligent attribute can think of pursuing and its completion.

Points to consider while choosing the option of pursuing MBBS:

Going for MBBS admission in abroad is mainly the idea of catching pace and to work with progressive design and technology. Every year many students and parents go through this system to find the best institution. Following are some common parameters to decide the medical institution.

  • Education Quality: The most important thing to consider is the quality of education of the country where you intend you apply for medical. It plays a vital part as your career depends on the education quality you gain. It is better to surf the institution website for facilities, curriculum, faculties, submission patterns, internship programs etc. The feedback of students already studying in that institute is worth considering and often gives you all the answers to your questions.
  • Cost of the Program: Considering cost comes after quality. It is also an important criterion as these days the education cost is on cloud nine. Cost of program varies from country to country and also from institute to institute. It’s good to compare the cost before applying as it saves you from any disturbance while pursuing the program.
  • Cost of Living: While applying for admission abroad the cost of living of the place is of huge consideration. The transportation facilities, nature of people towards foreigners, mode of communication, connectivity of flights are few points to be taken care of. These are not very complex but proved helpful in narrowing your search.
  • Institute’s Location: Choosing a location of your study is also important for you and your family. If the location is near or easily reachable then commuting to and from home country can be easy. This will also offer a peace of mind to you and your close ones.
  • Extended Facilities: After considering location, cost etc now it’s time to look and compare the facilities offered by the institute such as sports, internet connectivity, hostel or living facility, emergency care, canteens etc.
  • Internship Programs: Now every college mention in advance the internship programs and the companies tied up with the institute. It is good to see the internship program quality/company as this is going to be a main point on your resume.
  • Language medium: All universities and institutes construct their program in local language as well as English. It takes extra one year of study if you want to learn in your native language. So, it’s good if you are proficient in English language.
  • Approach reliable medical education facilitators: Medical education facilitator facilitates the institution from different parts of the world. It is good to choose the best or one having good reputation by doing reference check.

What is an eligibility criterion for MBBS?

Medical exams in the United States are set up by National Board of Medical Examinations that allows you to become a licensed medical practitioner in the country.

  • For admission in MBBS a student should have completed school by a medical course i.e. a student must have studied biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry. Some schools may ask student to study few more subjects like maths, English, science and humanities as well. Always look for medical schools criteria and eligibility conditions while pursuing undergraduate program.
  • An entrance exam called Medical college admission test (MCAT) is the next step to get admission in a reputed medical college. This test scrutinise a student’s knowledge of solving problem, critical thinking, careful writing and distinct scientific concepts.

How to apply for a Medical School:

After achieving your school certificate and good MCAT score your next step is to look for a reputed medical school. If you are an international student then you are at disadvantage of local students. Government colleges always preserve their fund for the students those are residents of their state. This is to encourage and support large quantity of doctors at that place.
Private universities or colleges are always an option but their fee is very high. So, it is very crucial to analyse all the pros and cons of college before applying for admission.
Following are some important steps while looking for admission in medical college:


  • Always perform an intensive and detailed search for colleges, their admission criteria and courses offered.
  • Try to contact on phone prior visiting to the college to get a brief description of the course.
  • Narrow down your list of schools depending upon your priority list.
  • Take the MCAT and try to score well.
  • Also appear for video interviews for all those colleges you wish to go into.
  • Keep a watch on the fees structure and other expenses you need to pay in medical college.

Essays: Essays are very important in the admission process of a medical college that are submitted by the student. Students are asked to write one or two essays or may be some optional essays as well. Some common topics are reason for admission in this college, strengths and weaknesses, skills, career ambition.
Statement of Purpose (SOP): A Statement of Purpose is submitted by the student at the time of admission. It describes the reason of your admission in that particular college. In this statement a student mention why is the college accept admission and why the student think as a perfect fit for that college. It should be written in the first person and helps determine your personality.
Letter of Recommendation (LOR): It is a reference letter given by a third person mentioning the qualities of the student and why the student perfect fit for the college is. The third party can be Head of department, professor, direct manager etc.

To help you with the list of Top Ten Medical Institutes in the world and their description please take a look below:

1. Harvard University: A doctor from Harvard University in United States is in itself a complete package of skills, knowledge and qualification. The students selected at Harvard Medical School got an exceptional range of talent, interest, accomplishment and background. They have extraordinary vision, perception in ambition and powerful approach. Its admission fee is around $60K per year.
2. University of Oxford: Oxford University is one of the world’s top universities in United Kingdom and ranked number two among Top Ten Medical Colleges. It is a great choice for those with scientist mind and who are striving for more perfection and supremacy. Doctors in United Kingdom train for 16 years before qualifying for a doctor, Five or six years for degree depends on choice of subject, two years for post graduate foundation course and then three to eight years of professional training. Tuition fee is different for UK residents and non residents. £9000 for residents of UK and EU and £18000 for Non EU residents for first two years and £35,000 for each year three, four and five.
3. University of Cambridge: Cambridge University is a popular and reputed university in the world. Compassionate, skilled and thoughtful students can be a part of this university. Entry level is different in different university. For Medical entry you require 5 GCSEs at grade A or A*. It requires three A* grades in each Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths. The tuition fees for medical education at Cambridge are in between £15,000 to £24,000.
4. Stanford University: It is a reputed university in United States. These select students with creative thinking, whose past achievements are of premium quality and shows some proofs of originality. Your application is considered after scoring a good GPA in Medical college admission test (MCAT). This university is innovating pioneers and leaders of next generation. Its tuition fee is around $20,000 per year.
5. Johns Hopkins University: ThisUniversity considers overall affirmation and capacity in a particular student’s education experience. It is a well reckoned university of United States. This medical school is well sufficient in laying strong foundation in the medical studies. Its tuition fees are around $52,000 per year.
6. University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA): UCLA welcome students from all around the world with variety of skill set and experience. It is an international institution located at the world’s most known city Los Angeles. Its tuition fee is $34,000 (in state) and $60,000 (out of state) per year.
7. University of California San Francisco (UCSF): Students from all over the globe apply for medical admission at UCSF due to its innovative technology, work culture and discovery quirk. It is a hub of bright students with versatile skill set. Its tuition fees is $51,000 per year for California resident and $64,000 for non residents.