Exploring Ukraine for MBBS Course for Indian Students

Ukraine is a country that has temperate continental climate with cold snowy winters and warm summers. For student planning to study abroad it has rapidly become an option to consider for higher education i.e. MBBS and other PG & UG program the reason being a number of advantages that could be explained briefly.

According to survey lead by the educational department of Ukraine around 10,844 Indian students were studying across various educational programs in Ukraine and most of them prefer medical as career option. Ukraine is considered the third most priority option for MBBS after China and Russia.

The reason for opting Ukraine as a priority has many reason, the main reason being its cost effective student friendly atmosphere. The cost for studying MBBS in Ukraine is comparatively less in Ukraine from what that is being charged in India.

Choosing to study medicine as professional career is preferred as there is no long hectic Entrance exams needed to clear to gain admission for course. The MBBS degree from Ukraine is also recognized by the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA (MCI). This makes the passionate student to pursue their dreams and practice their profession in India as well after clearing the screening test now known as NEET set by MCI.

When you have planned to complete your degree from Ukraine from one of their finest and excellent university as Ukraine is a hub of best universities, the advantages are immense as you are being taught by high qualified teachers who are trained well and they have tremendous experience which makes the best teaching staff which would provide you help in all possible aspects.

The universities are being updated and modernised with the best and advanced medical machinery and equipments which will nurture you into being well knowledgeable and best practitioners in the world.

As it concentrates on giving importance to both the part of study i.e. theoretical as well as practical so you gain vast and practical knowledge about the various subject and topic that are being taught. As the language of communication is English it can be well understood and comfortable in knowing various things around.

After planning of the course and what it has to offer comes the factor of living in pocket friendly livelihood that could help you save as well could be affordable. Ukraine is one of the most sustainable countries as compared to other European countries as they have economically planned tuition fees for their program/course structure among most of their universities.

The yearly course fee ranges approximately to 4000$ per year where as accommodation for a semi furnished flat with all the necessity could be availed for about 700$ per year with concern about health regular medical check-ups at just 200$. The comfort zone could be increased more as there are Indian restaurant that serves food at its best as well as some Indian grocery store so it will be assured you won’t stay hungry. All these facilities make it easier to adapt to environment and mostly MBBS students don’t face problems studying there.

Exploring Ukraine and its mythological as well as orthodox culture and many such thing won’t let you probably have a boring weekends, and as Ukraine is a developing country which has huge economic potential and cheap local labour force making it easy for survival of livelihood in a pocket-friendly budget and hence is being preferred by most of the Indian students planning to study MBBS in Ukraine with friends.

Degree from Ukraine is on compliance with the international standards that have been set. The MBBS as well as other PG & UG degree from Ukrainian universities are recognised by various medical councils in a number of countries including India. A degree from Ukraine is valid in India after clearing the screening test conducted by MCI.

NEET-UG is a mandatory factor now a day for applying for admission to MBBS course in India. After completing a MBBS degree, an Indian student can practice in India. Going abroad for higher studies is a tough but worthwhile decision.

If you need further help regarding this, you may contact consultation services providers like Study Sevenseas in Delhi and others. They offer consultation services to students who are hoping to pursue their MBBS degree from universities in Ukraine and other nations. They are an experienced group which believes in expertise and surely can guide you through your way to success and bright future.

Get ready to pursue MBBS Studies in Ukraine this year!

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