Securing an MBBS seat in any Indian government college is becoming a tedious task nowadays owing to the less number of seats, increase in the aspirants in the country and reservation system. Many students are exploring their options outside the country, looking for countries that offer great MBBS course program.

One of the best countries to study medical course is Europe. The place is packed with globally recognised universities that are accredited with the medical council of Europe and the degree is also valued by the Medical Council of India. Studying medicine in Europe is one of the great opportunities for any college student. You can experience the great allure of the foreign land and its culture while studying your dream MBBS program/course in Europe.

Reasons that make studying MBBS in Europe a great educational experience for you

  • The tuition fee can be easily afforded. The Indian private medical colleges engage in tuition fee between 10-15 lakhs every year for their MBBS course program. However, MBBS in Europe is not that expensive and an average study program costs around 2-5 lakhs in reputed European universities. Not only is this but there no donation or capitation fee charged for your admission. This makes the cost of expenditure on a medical degree from Europe highly reliable and reasonable.
  • The easy cost of living makes it easy for students to survive in Europe. All the European countries have a really low cost of living and can be easily afforded. For example in any Ukrainian cities, any student can easily live with $100-$200 per month and that is very cheap. This makes European universities very popular for studying MBBS in Europe.
  • You do not have to appear for any entrance exam in order to secure an admission even in the top medical universities of Europe. One of the biggest obstacles faced by the students in India is the inability to clear the theoretical medical exam. Many students fail to secure good colleges by mere 1 or 2 marks.

Not only has this but the reservation system throughout the country also hampered the rank of the students. No such pressure is faced by students to decide to take a MBBS admission in Europe. Admission in any European medical universities is decided on the basis of your 12th standard percentage which should be above the average 75%.

If you have a percentage greater than that, you can easily score an admission in the top European universities.

  • Live through the international exposure of various cultures and ethnicity. The major advantage of studying MBBS in Europe is that you get to experience a multicultural society that will help you grow better both mentally and physically.
  • Study in universities packed with world class infrastructure and modern medical equipment and researches. European universities are driven with a thirst of innovation and practical research.
  • Studying MBBS in Europe will be a great experience and will help you grow academically and professionally. For any queried contact the overseas educational service providers and set a prospering career ahead.

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