Romania has become a surprisingly common choice destination for Indian students doing their MBBS abroad. Romania is a relatively small European country known for its scenic mountain landscapes, unspoiled countryside, and rich cultural heritage. However, it has recently also emerged as a popular destination for students going for higher studies, especially those hoping to pursue the demanding MBBS Course worldwide. There are a number of advantages to it.

Indian students often prefer to study medicine in countries like Romania because they allow them to enter the field without having to write the tedious Indian medical exams. In addition, it allows great study options, an experience of a different culture and other world-class facilities.

Also, MBBS degree from Romania would be recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This makes it easy for aspirants to go forward their practice in their home country even after the completion of their course. For medical students, the classes as well as the teaching are in English, and that makes it easy for a number of students to make use of this opportunity.

If you are planning to do your MBBS in Romania, you have the advantage of getting the best teaching staff and infrastructure which would help you greatly in your overall growth. Romania is home to many excellent universities which consist of experienced and knowledgeable staff. The universities are also equipped with the best medical equipment which enables the nurturing of the best medical practitioners in the world.

It is much easier to sustain in Romania than in many other European countries. You will be able to study and live in the country for quite a reasonable. Besides having economical tuition fees for their course structure in most of the universities, the living costs of the country are quite easily bearable.

The climate, food, living, study, and learning atmosphere in the nation are a great attraction for Indian students. A student will be able to quite easily sustain themselves with EUR 300-500 per month. The comfort of living in Romania is usually good enough for most international students to face no problems studying there.

MBBS degree from Romania is on compliance with the international standards that have been set. The MBBS degree from Romanian universities is one that is recognized by various medical councils in a number of countries including India. They follow a quality standard of education which includes practical approach of teaching.

A chance to explore a foreign country and also to experience the rich culture and traditions while chasing your dreams is available for you. Romania is quite welcoming to its international students with a diverse compilation of various cultures that has come to be because of the country’s being preferred by a number of overseas students.

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